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This CD was originally recorded in 2005, but was remastered last February. His next one is due end '07 and Dave can be heard regularly at Coxs Yard, Stratford-on-Avon.

There are eleven tracks, all originals, though many will remind you of some old favourites. He is a picker's picker, more Lonnie than Robert Johnson. Blind Boy Fuller fans will love him.

His vocal style is relaxed, unforced, and reminds me of late-period Lonnie Johnson. His playing is similar. He has no fear of gaps, and plays with precise but relaxed timing.

He can rag it, too; "Ain't Gonna Help You Now" is a take on "Baby If You Think I'm Crazy About You", played with subtlety and style."What's Going On With You" is pure Lonnie, plaintive, sorrowful and musing. "Old Blind Dog" is a slow boogie based on "Rock Me" with confident picking and a clear tone. "Rosie Mae" talks too much, a gentle rocking plaint. But her mate "Easy Going Mama" makes up for it.

There are few young bluesmen writing and playing in the old style, and I think you're going to like him.

Rating 7 - Bob Jones

David's second CD, like his first collection, comprises all originals, eleven of them, coming in at thirty two minutes. He writes about his own and friends' experiences: betrayal, bereavement, adultery, heartbreak, booze... he's lived it all...

His finger picking is cool and lapidary in its clarity and tone. If Abie Budgen is our Memphis Minnie, David is our Lonnie Johnson.

"Can't Run From Your Troubles" is portentous and mournful, with atmospheric BV's. My favourite is track two, "Devil On My Shoulder"a high register Skip James-ish vocal or perhaps it is the elegantly picked "Standing On The Corner".

Certainly the most harrowing song I've heard in years is the five minute "Untitled", whose performance causes him genuine grief that can be painful to see; an anguished take on "Death Letter" with a sense of loss that is almost unbearable.

If you've got that this is not a bundle of laughs, buy it. Check his web page, you won't be sorry.

Rating 10 - Bob Jones

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